Friday, November 14, 2008

Previous paintings/Designs

Above are two photos, each showing photos of pieces that Barrick painted/designed for the Boardwalk Originals line during the 90's.
First is the set/pair of trick-or-treaters. According to Bonnie herself, this has been one of Boardwalk's most popular pieces, and is still popular today.
The next photo is of a mermaid, that was later added to a line within the Boardwalk line, of pieces that were part of a specific store and restaurant display collection. Although I do not recall the name, I remember that a grocery store chain (I believe in Michigan?) ordered a number of these for the seafood departments in all of their store locations.
I also painted/designed a one-of-a-kind piece for a Hallmark (?) store. I think it was in the Midwest or out East. I had met them at one of the gift shows at which were we were exhibiting in our temporary booth, and they asked if they could commission a carolers piece for their store. Unfortunately I cannot locate the one photo I took of it before we shipped it. However when Bonnie was closing up shop a couple of years ago, the stencil for this piece was located. (I had forgotten I had made one since we did not add the piece to the line) So perhaps at some point I can do a new one using this same basic design.

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