Friday, November 14, 2008

"New" Boardwalk Originals Designer: Jeffrey Barrick

Bonnie has brought artist Jeffrey Barrick on-board to paint/design for the Boardwalk Originals line that is printed by Markley Enterprises.
Jeffrey began with Boardwalk in 1992. He was a part of her staff of artists that were referred to as "base-painters". he also designed some pieces for the Boardwalk line including a mermaid, and the still very popular "trick or treaters" set of two.
Barrick worked for Bonnie until 1998 when he left to do freelance work. He continued to work for Bonnie off and on until 2004, when he returned to work in sales.
His first pieces for the new line are now available and will show publicly at the gift shows for the first time in January in Chicago at the Merchandise Mart.
Barrick also works as a muralist, fine artist, and also works as a scenic artist, doing production design painting, designing backdrops and sets for several local live theatrical venues.

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