Friday, November 14, 2008

Boardwalk Originals Paintings/Designs

Boardwalk Originals was established in 1988 by Bonnie (then Ragsdale) Barrett.
The Boardwalk line of cut art pieces (free standing and wall hangings), based on victorian designs, were sold on the wholesale market. Many stores have made use of these pieces for display purposes, and many are purchased to decorate homes and other locations. Originally all pieces were hand-painted and airbrushed, then stained and clearcoated...all done by hand.
In making a difficult decision several years ago, Bonnie closed down her original studio and said good-bye to many long-term employees, and scaled her facilities down to a small studio to continue her work in. The world was a different marketplace than it was in 1988, and it had become difficult to compete and make a profit in the new global market, selling a completely handmade product line.
Taking advantage of new opportunities, today two collections of Bonnie's work are reproduced digitally onto boards, and are still being sold to the wholesale market.
Two companies now sell Bonnie Barrett's paintings/designs. One is K&K Interiors in Sandusky Ohio, and the other is produced under the Boardwalk Originals name by Markley Enterprises of Elkhart Indiana. Both produce and market two completely different collections of her work.
If you are interested in originals by Barrett, check Ebay, as originals of her work are available there from time to time.
Some original, handpainted limited edition pieces by Bonnie Barrett are currently listed on Ebay.
SORRY, No sales are available from this website. My work in particular, is only available through Markley Enterprises in Elkhart Indiana. If you are a store owner you can reach either of these companies individually to make purchases. If you are an interested retail customer you should check Ebay, or a number of online stores that carry these items.
I have started this page to promote my own new work for the Boardwalk line, and also to have a place for anyone interested in Boardwalk Originals to visit. I would also like to publish some candid Boardwalk pics to this blog at some point. Click on the other blog entries to see my new pieces I have painted/designed.
Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions, and let me know what you think about the Boardwalk line.

Previous paintings/Designs

Above are two photos, each showing photos of pieces that Barrick painted/designed for the Boardwalk Originals line during the 90's.
First is the set/pair of trick-or-treaters. According to Bonnie herself, this has been one of Boardwalk's most popular pieces, and is still popular today.
The next photo is of a mermaid, that was later added to a line within the Boardwalk line, of pieces that were part of a specific store and restaurant display collection. Although I do not recall the name, I remember that a grocery store chain (I believe in Michigan?) ordered a number of these for the seafood departments in all of their store locations.
I also painted/designed a one-of-a-kind piece for a Hallmark (?) store. I think it was in the Midwest or out East. I had met them at one of the gift shows at which were we were exhibiting in our temporary booth, and they asked if they could commission a carolers piece for their store. Unfortunately I cannot locate the one photo I took of it before we shipped it. However when Bonnie was closing up shop a couple of years ago, the stencil for this piece was located. (I had forgotten I had made one since we did not add the piece to the line) So perhaps at some point I can do a new one using this same basic design.

"New" Boardwalk Originals Designer: Jeffrey Barrick

Bonnie has brought artist Jeffrey Barrick on-board to paint/design for the Boardwalk Originals line that is printed by Markley Enterprises.
Jeffrey began with Boardwalk in 1992. He was a part of her staff of artists that were referred to as "base-painters". he also designed some pieces for the Boardwalk line including a mermaid, and the still very popular "trick or treaters" set of two.
Barrick worked for Bonnie until 1998 when he left to do freelance work. He continued to work for Bonnie off and on until 2004, when he returned to work in sales.
His first pieces for the new line are now available and will show publicly at the gift shows for the first time in January in Chicago at the Merchandise Mart.
Barrick also works as a muralist, fine artist, and also works as a scenic artist, doing production design painting, designing backdrops and sets for several local live theatrical venues.

Victorian Carolers

This beautiful paring of victorian carolers, would make a handsome addition to your Christmas display.
Notice the amount of attention given to the details including the clothes, lantern and book of carols.
These carolers would make a great pairing with a traditional green tree, or would also be especially stunning with a flocked tree due to the color scheme. ( the color scheme reflects a traditional feel, but the combination of black, white and silvery tones also reflects modern tastes.
This would also look great positioned by a fireplace or as a welcoming visual by the door.
Sorry, only currently available in one size.

26" X 54"


This Art Deco/Art Moderne inspired piece is painted with deep rich tones of blue, while the stylized reindeer and trim are all a crisp white.
In the upper center area is a very subtle snowglobe, with snow that swirls dimly around the message "Noel".
The highly dynamic shape of this freestanding piece is very bold and attention getting. A great display could be built around this one as the centerpiece!

24" X 24"

Deco Santa

This great Deco Santa has a great welcoming look, and would be outstanding in front of a tree
or other display...or near the door as a welcoming symbol. This style of Santa has a classic look that was especially popular in the 30's and 40's, yet reflects a retro look that would have been popular even into the 50's and early 60's.
Luckily, he is available in three sizes!

#26487 # 26488 #26489
26" X 49" 12.75" X 24" 4.25" X 8"
66.25 26.25 14.00

Santa's Elves

Here is a collection of elves that would look great with the Deco Santa, or placed here and there
in a display on their own! While the elves can be purchased individually, they have greater impact when displayed together. Like the Santa, these have a 30's-40's feel.

Elf W/Ornament Elf On Package Elf W/Candy Cane
#26483 #26485 #26484
14.75" X 17.75" 13" X 21" 13.25" X 28.25"
24.00 24.25 28.75